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Transforming Africa's Largest Generation to its Greatest Generation


Young people’s transition from school to work is a key moment in their lives. Sub-Saharan Africa is home to the largest generation of youth the world has ever had to raise.  How these 200 million young people transition into adulthood will have important implications for the lives of these young people and the development trajectories of their countries. At PICHNET, we engage in research, capacity building, and policy advocacy to leverage the strength of this generation and build a brighter future. 


Generating Evidence

We generate high-quality empirical research critical to both understand the needs of the dividend generation, and to develop and assess effective policies.


Cultivating Capital

Our training of youth seeks to develop their human capital in four concentric areas of their lives, including their personal, domestic, work and community lives.   


Amplifying Voices

We work with a network of journalists to draw policy attention to issues connecting youth, demographic dividends and sustainable development.

Looking for a quick introduction to our work?

Check out this video explainer!

The Greatest Generation?
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