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Cultivating Africa's Dividend Generation

If Africa's Dividend Generation is well ‘cultivated’ it can become a powerful catalyst for sustainable development by producing and extending demographic dividends.  At PICHNET, we work with partners to develop, deploy and test innovative programming that is grounded in a holistic approach to capacity development, expanding participant's personal, domestic, economic and social and community capitals. In our framework, the GenDD is not cultivated for its own sake only. Rather, it is capacitated in order to serve the entire society, including boosting the productivity of adult workers by fostering their transition into the digital age; enhancing the health and wellbeing of the elderly by serving their needs for health and daily care; serving the needs of younger children and infants through tutoring, mentoring, and early development needs;  preparing the next generation through better planning of families, child care and parenting.

PICHNET Trainees in Action


The PICHNET Approach: Cultivating Four Capitals

Economic Capital

Social and Community Capital

Personal Capital

Domestic Capital




Social and Community 

PICHNET Fellows Tackle the Sustainable Development Goals

2020 PICHNET SDG Award Ceremony, English

2020 PICHNET SDG Award Ceremony, French

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